Welcome to the Teylee Blog page. Behind many of the pieces of jewellery we have made is a tale of love and inspiration which is sometimes tinged with some pain, sadness and hurt. Many of our customers share their story with us and some of these stories are so inspiring we asked if we could share them on our blog to help and inspire others. We would love to hear your story. Names and personal details may be changed to protect privacy.

The name Teylee comes from the Welsh word for family, Teulu. Most of the pieces we create are made up of stones representing members of families and oftenthese families have been through a difficult experience. At the Teylee Blog we will share these stories.

Which is better…real or man-made? October 17, 2019 – Posted in: Uncategorized

Us humans are clever and we’ve learned to copy nature to produce materials for everyday life. We have polyester and synthetic fibres to replace wool, cotton and silk. We have polyurethane or PU to replace leather. We have imitation stone to replace real stone in building and kitchen bench tops. We can apply a printed paper veneer to flooring and furniture that almost looks like real wood. We can make glass and synthetic imitation gems…

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Have you heard of National Stones? August 3, 2019 – Posted in: Stories

I made a pendant this week with a slightly different story behind it. The stones were chosen for the nationality they represent. A client is a young man who has been traveling the world for 3 years. He is originally from Capetown, South Africa. His partner is from Boston in the USA. They met early during his travels in Canada and have since visited countries on every continent where they have worked on farms, in…

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Young Love vs Old Love July 29, 2019 – Posted in: Stories

I enjoy watching people, be it at a cafe, the beach or just walking around a supermarket or shopping mall. I love to see mature couples holding hands, smiling and listening to each other. But unfortunately, this is quite rare.  Young couples find it easy to show their affection for each other and they are everywhere. But when I see a couple from the older generation showing that they still love each other, they stand…

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Recharge your love battery July 26, 2019 – Posted in: Stories

Something I have learned on my own long and sometimes difficult journey is that love is a powerful force within each of us. This love force is like a rechargeable battery and a big portion of its energy should be used on the special person in your life. A healthy love battery will also have plenty of charges to maintain relationships with family, friends and towards our fellow humans.  If the love force is strong…

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The magic and mystery of Diamonds July 23, 2019 – Posted in: Stories

Diamonds are amazing. They’re made from carbon which we typically see around us as black in the form of charcoal, carbon fiber, coal, smoke, and soot. But if carbon is superheated to a liquid and then allowed to cool down under immense pressure, it forms a clear crystal that we call a diamond. These crystals also happen to be the hardest known substance. Diamonds form in ‘pipes’ which are fissures or vents in the Earths…

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An Unusual Engagement July 11, 2019 – Posted in: Stories

We’ve just made an engagement ring with an unusual story behind it. Gemma is a single mom who lives with her 6-year-old daughter in an apartment near the city. She works as the manageress of a clothing store and juggles this with trying to raise a daughter on her own.  Two apartments down the hall live Harry who also has a young six-year-old daughter. Harry and his daughter arrived 2 years ago and met Gemma…

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Did Ancient Egyptians also love? July 10, 2019 – Posted in: Stories

I watched a documentary about Ancient Egypt and it was fascinating to see some intricately made gold jewellery with raw uncut gemstones that were still in perfect condition thousands of years later. Other pieces discovered were made from leather, sisal rope, silver, iron and copper, shells, clay beads and a form of early glass made from melted sand. Some fragments of these pieces were still intact but large sections had decayed and disintegrated over the…

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Remembering lost sons July 8, 2019 – Posted in: Stories

I have recently made jewellery for two mothers whose sons died in unrelated tragic circumstances. In both cases, a sister was left behind and both moms had matching birthstone jewellery made for themselves and their daughters to remember these two young men forever. I can’t imagine the grief a parent would go through after raising a boy almost to adulthood only to lose him. A piece of jewellery can never compensate such a loss but…

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The Miracle Baby July 5, 2019 – Posted in: Stories

When we get an order for a piece of Teylee Jewellery, we make it realizing there must be a story behind the piece but in most cases, we never discover the story. Internet shopping can be a bit impersonal and that’s why we have this blog. We hope that our customers will interact and feel comfortable sharing their own stories and add a human element to the facelessness of e-commerce. Sharing these stories of love…

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In Sickness and Health – Posted in: Stories

Today’s entry is told with permission and is very inspiring. A recent Teylee customer was a man in his fifties whose wife was diagnosed with breast cancer a year ago and has since undergone intensive radio and chemotherapy and a double mastectomy. They have been together for thirty years and have two adult children. Like many couples, they have had their share of trouble over the years but this illness made him realize how important…

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