Teylee is the Welsh word for family. In Welsh it is spelt Teulu. We believe family and love are the two most important things in life. When you customise a piece of jewellery with Teylee, you are creating a unique piece. The stones you choose will each represent a special person in your life. The chances of someone else wearing the exact same combination will be extremely rare.

What makes us different?

You can walk into one of the many jewellery chain stores and buy mass produced jewellery. The prices will be high to cover expensive rents, sales people and their commissions and large mark ups to keep the shareholders happy. They will try to convince you to buy overpriced man made stones or chips of coloured glass, hollow gold and silver, gold and silver plated metals, and low grade diamonds.

At Teylee we try to make an honest living doing what we love. Money is not what drives us but if we do what we love, the money side of things takes care of itself. We offer natural gem stones made in the earth, which are hand set in gold or silver at a fair price. We want you to have a hand in designing your special piece of jewellery by customising the layout of the stones. When you give someone a piece of jewellery made by Teylee, it will embody love….designed with love, made with love and given with love.